Whoever Saves One Life

Lithograph print, available in teal or brown on light tan paper, image size 9" x 9"

Contains the  quotation from the Talmud. "Whoever saves one life save the whole world. Especially appropriate for people who have dedicated their lives and time to peace and justice. Available at quantity discount for peace and justice organizations.


Silkscreen print, available in deep rose or medium blue, image size 6" x 12"

Contains the famous and often quotation from Hillel in the Talmud. Appropriate for any occasion. Available at quantity discount for  Hillel organizations.


Women's Rose Blessing

Lithograph print, available in deep red, image size 8" x 8"

This print makes an excellent gift for birth of girl, Bat Mitvah, or any time for celebration in the life of a girl or a woman. The four roses represent the four mothers in the Jewish tradition. The rose is also a symbol of the Shechinah, the female presence of the diving in our lives. The Hebrew contains the blessing given to daughters every Shabbat, as well as the only blessing in the feminine in the Hebrew bible, given to Ruth.


Illustrated Alef-bet

Silkscreen print, available in deep red or blue, image size 13" x 12".

This print makes an excellent gift for babies, Bar'Bat Mitvah, beginning of school, graduation - many lifecycle events.


reproductions - silkscreen  / lithograph

The silkscreen or lithograph prints below are also available as custom lasercut reproductions.

Whoever Saves One Life Save the Whole World

Lasercut reproduction of original papercut 12" x 12". Available with celadon mat, or your choice of color. Available at Kolbo, Brookline MA.

reproductions - lasercuts

diane palley

traditional and not so traditional jewish art and papercutting

Tree of Life

Lithograph print, available in green or blue on white paper, image size 6" x 9"

Contains verse from liturgy: "The torah is a tree of life...Its ways are ways of pleasantness and all its paths are peace."