diane palley

traditional and not so traditional jewish art and papercutting

Diane Palley creates original, papercut ketubot (traditional Jewish marriage contracts). She especially appreciates working with non-traditional couples - interfaith, various genders, multicultural. She has included many unusual images -  skyline of Chicago, Philadelphia Folk Festival banjo logo, bicylcle, Golden Gate Bridge, seal of Harvard, beloved pets, Chinese dumplings, a pig (!), churches, music by Elvis and Willie, etc. -  as well as nature, animals, and traditional Jewish images. She loves the challenge of integrating the personal with the communal and natural worlds. She need three to four months to complete an original ketubah, and works closely with the couple to choose images and text that reflect their lives. Prices begin at $5000 for an original, and $1000 for a lasercut reproduction. Some couples establish a "Ketubah registry" and request donations to this fund as wedding gifts from friends and family.

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